Alternative facts

In one of our next lessons we will talk about “Newspeak” and “thoughtcrime” in Orwell’s 1984 (see also the assignment for chapter V). This video might provide us with some additional input for our discussion.

Please check out also the blogroll on the right bottom side of this blog. There you’ll find several links to interesting newspaper articles. The Washington Post article by Aaron Blake refers to the video and gives some additional insight. Soon, we’ll also talk about how to write a comment (see the respective page on this website: writing – comment) and your next homework will be to write and  publish a comment, e.g. on the above mentioned article and/or video.

It’s time for you to start publishing!!! 🙂



2 thoughts on “Alternative facts

  1. This avoiding of answering the question, like Trump does it as well, is not a adequate way of sorting out issues. Just to sidestep a question and to point on the mistakes, which were made by the press will not lead to a solution. It is a sign of a lack of power and gives the impression of unpreparedness.


  2. Conway´s argument against the „Meet the press“ shows just a dismal attempt to justify an obvious falsehood by using „ alternative facts“. This reminds of the novel „1984“, written by Georgs Orwell, in two ways. Firstly, the expression „alternative facts” are a similarity to the „Newspeak“ in „1984“ in the way to use words they sounds superior as the meaning. Secondly, if you change the past, like the ministry of truth, you change the future and it became reality. In this way Conway and the presidentship are manipulating the history and the population.


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