A comment on Kellyanne Conway’s alternative facts

A main part of Donald Trumps election campaign manipulated the own voters and wavering voters with statements, which did not base on facts. The key was to use provocative claims to polarize. This was the way how Donald Trump and his supporters argue during the election and this is how he brainwashed a big part of the american population. Therewith it was possible to win the presidential election. As we, in Germany saw Donald Trumps speeches and the claims und offensive statements, which were indiscriminately spoken,
we never would have thought, that he could have success at the presidential election in this way.

It is unimiginable that a man with such a radical method act now as the mighties man of the world und lead a state, which has a huge responsibility towards the whole world. And now he continues spreading questionable statements and manipulating the population just a short time after is inauguration. On January 22nd, Kellyanne Conway, Advisor of Donald Trump used the euphemism “alternative facts” to describe the untruths given to the press in an interview where she was confronted with the fact, that the press secretary spread lies about the number of people that followed the swear-in ceremony Donald Trump as the new president of the US.

The government of the United States of America starts to confuse the americans and to let them doubt about the plausibility of the press. This is a desperate method, which is similar to the situation in a dictatorship.

We and the government of the US see this as a democracy. But a head of a democracy can not say that “the press does not tell the truth” or that themselve use “alternative facts”, when different statements do not correspond. Because in my oppinion this is a first approach for limited freedom of the press.


One thought on “A comment on Kellyanne Conway’s alternative facts

  1. I agree with your comment, especially with your last sentence. Did you read one of the articles in our blogroll (right side on this page)? They articulate a similar view to yours. You might find them interesting, in particular the one titled “Have we gone ‘full Orwell'”.


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