“Winston Smith Characterization” by Alelex100

In the Book 1984, written by George Orwell, he wrote about a State, who is controlling and observating the society. The main Character in the Book is Winston Smith. He is 39 years old and lives in the year 1984.
Winston is really skinny, is a nondescript person and has a various ulcer on the leg, that makes it difficult for him to walk.
He lives in London, the capital City of Airstrip One. He is speaking the official language of Oceania, Newspeak.
Winston works for the Ministry of Truth. His job is it to change the history to the way the government wants it.
Winston lives in a time period, where people are very strongly oppressed by the government, so Winston likes his job, because he can be creative by his work.
In Winston’s Apartment is a Security Camera, who is 24 hours on and  observating  Winston Smith. Only a small corner in his Apartment is protected from the camera. He is writing there a diary for the next generation, who will hopefully have a better life, without the Party. But Winston is still thinking that the Thought Police, who
is looking for people who might be thinking thoughts contrary to the Party’s interests, will find the diary and kill him.


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