English Exam Task 3: A Comment on “To what extent has Orwell’s fiction become reality?”

Totalitarian, absolutistic states never get old. Even after all the pain humanity has experienced and more than 500 wars, there is still war going on and there are still dictators ,owning all the power of one country. And of course you want to secure your power by observing the society and eliminating movements that could become dangerous. But Germany for example has also increased the observation of public places and just that is criticized for the reason i called before. I want to comment on if it is really an offense to privacy or if that´s just a valid side effect of the security you gain by that.

The reason the governments give for increasing observation is increasy the crime clearance rate. I also think that cameras lower the crime rate but not by having the criminal´s face on camera, but by the same effect the “Big Brother is watching you” posters have. A preventive effect of intimidation. On the one hand, of course, in Germany noone truly thinks that the government really wants to observe the citizens to control them and act like in “1984”but on the other hand you can not choose if you want to be part of this program or not. Even if you are against it you cannot prevent being part of it. But still – in other states technology is a bless for just that reason: it makes it a lot easier to control the people through media for example. Just look at Russia or China. And obviously George Orwell´s book partly came true, the technology he predicted came true and the fact, he has discussed things 70 years before anyone else had contact to them made him and “1984” this famous. In the opinion of the totalitarian leaders, privacy, of course, is dangerous because in privacy noone knows what people do or think. Will they come together and unite? Will they start writing about you critically? From a leader´s point of view you could just call privacy “the room people have to be free and think the way they want” which can of course become dangerous for a leader.

I can just repeat: Of course, Orwells fiction has become reality. Just consider he wrote “1984” to criticize Stalin´s way of leading the UdSSR, the pure elimination of political enemies and basically any kind of opposition. And this behaviour is not unknown today either: Putin, for example, is “guiding” a democracy (in his own words) with some similarities to the earlier times in the UdSSR. Donals Trump excludes media that is publishing critical articles about him from media conferences and interviews, and also lets his press secretary spread “alternative facts” to the public, so he is presented more interesting and fmous.

George Orwell´s awareness is exactly what the world needs these days, on condition that we disagree with war twisted into peace and freedom twisted into slavery.

Slavery is slavery!

War is war!

Freedom is freedom!


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