Characterization of Winston Smith

In the novel “1984”, written by Gorge Orwell in 1949, the character Winston Smith plays an important role. He is part of a dystopian world and a member of the party. But he is critical about the system and is well aware of being watched every time.

In the following I will analyse the protagonist Winston Smith.

Winston Smith is a 39 years old man (p.3, l.17) who lives in Oceania, in London, a city of Airstrip One and works for the Ministry of Thruth (in Newspeak Minitrue) (p.5, l.14-15; l.30) He has blond hair. His face is naturally sanguine and his skin roughened. He has a swollen ulcer above his right ankle on his leg and that’s why he always goes slowly. Additional he has a frail figure (p.3, l.17-19; p.4, l. 4-8). To Winston the world seems to be unloving and grey. “[…] there seemed to be no colour in anything […]” (p.4, l.12-13). “[…] the world looked cold […]” (p.4, l.9-10). That he is well aware of being watched every time is shown by the fact, that he always faces the telescreen (device for monitoring) with a smile to hide that he is a rebel and have a critical opinion of Big Brother and the system (p.6, l.31-33). In the further development of the same chapter it turns out that Winston is fearless and brave. Or that he is just sceptical and naive because Winston starts to write a diary. (p.9, l.6; p.20, l.24-28) He ignore that writing a diary is forbidden in Oceania by the reason of the fact that the government don’t want the people to have their own opinions or even memories about the past. This is caused by the constantly changing facts to manipulate and control the folk.


One thought on “Characterization of Winston Smith

  1. What I like about this characterization of Winston Smith is that, even though it is short, it contains all important information. You also used a lot of references to the text.
    Is Winston really a rebel right from the beginning?

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