Knowledge is force (A theme of 1984)

The meaning of the theme “Knowledge is force” in George Orwell´s “1984” is, that the System in “1984” is in the position to falsify the past and therefore to change the presence and the future.

For exactly that way of controlling the eurasian populatian, a eurasian citizen would not easeally be in the positition to withstand the lies of the System. Apart from that if someone would show resistence they would immediately get rid of him.

The political System of “1984” is only possible because just the system itself knows the truth. What in conclusion means that not only a few persons should have access to informations we have about the human history and nobody should be able to falsify the past. Otherwhise the knowledge will be used to control people and a dystopian vision just like “1984” might happen.


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