Characterization Winston Smith 

Winston Smith is the main character in 1984, a very famous book of George Orwell,which was published in 1949. It tells the story of a dystopian future, Everyone is observed by the government. The observation is done by a telescreen, which notice every move and speaking. 

Winston Smith is an average looking guy, but weedy. His blue overall  accentuates his Statue. He works in the ministry of truth and manipulates articles in newspapers to make it seems like there is only one enemy. He is a member of political group, which condemns sex and sees the only advantage in reproducing. His first marriage failed, because his wife shared the group’s opinion.

 He recognized the government tells lies, so he begins to write a diary. He is able to write this diary, because of a niche in his room, where the telescreen can’t observe him. He is struggling, because of the non-knowledge if there are people with the same political opinion. He begins to investigate and discovers lies and muddles, which support his concerns. Then he meets Julia and trust her,  because Julia shares his resistance. They become friends and fall in love with each other. Even though they promised not to betray, after being tortured they can’t keep the promise and turned on each other. 

Winston really tried to be loyal, but facing his biggest fear, rats, he couldn’t help but turning on Julia.