Winston Smith


The Novel „1984“, written by George Orwell, published in 1949, is about the totalitarian government of Oceania witch oppresses its own population. The main character Winston Smith lives in Oceania and criticizes the system of superiority. But he has to be careful because the whole population is under control of a brutal system, which is ruled by the “Inner Party” and its leader “The big Brother”. In the following I will describe Winston`s character and the consequences of suppression.

Winston Smith is thirty-nine years old (p. 3, 1-17) and lives in the state of Oceania, in the airstrip one / London. His face is marked by a lot of work and dust. His body looks older than its actually age because of a lot of abscesses, the stressful work and the Victory Gin he is drinking every day after work. In total, his appearance suggests that he lives under very bad living conditions. Winston´s Job is to change the History for the Government of truth.

He is the only one left of his family. His father and mother died while the first purge in 1950 and he lost his sister a long time ago.

Winston Smith criticizes the whole system of Oceania, the suppression, the brutality and the circumstances under which huge parts of the society are suffering. His problem is that he doesn’t know if he is the only one who thinks like that, because there is no active opposition allowed.

 Smith starts to write a diary to inform someone about his destiny and his negative thoughts about the System of Oceania. After he writes the words “Done with the Big Brother” he gets frightened to be catched by the mind police.

I wold say Winston Smith is suffering under depressions. His life is lined with stress, anxiety and in general bad events. Accordingly is his character and appearance marked.