Characterization Winston Smith

The novel „1984“ written by George Orwell, published in 1949, shows insight in the life of Winston Smith who lives in a dystopian future in which the government is monitoring it’s citizens through a Telescreen.

Winston Smith lives in Oceania and is thirty-nine years-old. Both of his parents died during a purge in the 1950’s and his wife left him due to political differences. He’s an average looking guy and works for the ministry of truth. His job is to change articles in newspapers to fit with the future. He has to make sure that the statements that the government makes are the same as in old newspapers, so that no one can throw accusations at the government for lying.

After work, he usually spends his time writing a diary, which isn’t allowed in Oceania. He writes about things that he has noticed during his time working and tries to not forget them. He is able to write the diary due to finding a place in his living room in which the Telescreen can not monitor his actions. The writing sessions make him question the whole system in which he lives in more and more. As he writes the diary, he questions the not existing knowledge of the citizens and wishes there to be someone who also noticed the newspaper changes and such in Oceania. After more investigation he finds more evidence which support his accusation. He takes the issue by heart which shows how thoughtful and caring about other people he is.

Although Winston shows impetus to expose the lies of the Government, he is often in a state of sadness and depression due to having to look for evidence and proof that verify his accusations. He is drowning his emotions in daily alcohol consume, which shows that he is having a hard time coping with the issues.