Characterization of Winston Smith

The dystopian novel „1984“, published in 1949 and written by George Orwell, in 1948, describes a totalitarian world, in which the company is manipulated by the government. The states are under the control of the privileged elite of the „inner Party“, which are a part from the government. The protagonist Winston Smith lives in Oceania, one of the three superstates after the big war.

The following essay will describes Winston Smiths character, with the knowledge of chapter 1 to 5.

Winston Smith is a thirty-nine years old man (p3 l.17) and he lives in London, the chief city of airstrip one, which belongs to Oceania (p.5 l. 13-15). Winston has a smallish and frail figure, his hair are fair, his face naturally sanguine and his skin is roughened (p.4 l. 3-8), additional to that, he has an „varicose ulcer above his right ankle“ (p.3 l. 17-18).

Winston is a member of the „Outer Party“ and works for the „Ministry of truth“ (p.5 l.11-12), they concerned  thyself with news, entertainment, education and the fine arts (p.6 l.15-17). Even though London is his home and the Minitruth (The expression for Ministry of truth in newspeak) he has an antipathy against his place of work and life (p.5 l.13).

Winston rebel against the government and big brother, after he buys a book (diary), which is actually not allowed because you are not, authorised by the law in force to think in your own ways much less to write your thought down. He starts to writing the diary in the corner of his apartment where the „Telescreen“ can´t notice him (p.8 l.7-19). His thoughts became clearer after he writes, as an automatic action „DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER“ over and over again (p.20 l.18-29).

Winston Smith is representing the counter current flow against the system and Big Brother.