English homework: “Surveillance is dangerous” by Brillentraeger1000



Surveillance is dangerous, a theme of George Orwell’s 1984?

George Orwell’s completely book is about Surveillance. It is the top topic. But is his intention to warn about Surveillance? It is definitely a current theme at anytime.

In 1984 we have a lot of different Surveillance situations and systems. The absolutistic system of Oceania is a monitoring state. At the top is an unknown person called Big Brother. All over hang captions with the slogan: „BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU“ (Part 1, Page 3). Big brother create a lot of more systems to observing the society.

Tele screens:

In every room hanging so called „tele-screens“. It is one of the most important way to keeps citizens under surveillance. The Tele-screen is switched on every time. even if it is in the stand by mode. They play propaganda videos the whole day.

Thought Police:

The thought police is authorised to observe every citizen. They have access to all the tele screens and could observe people all the time. The smallest bad thought about the System (thought crime) is a hard punishment. The thought police will catch you and you will be „vaporised“. The thought police also have patrols of surveillance helicopters that fly around peering into people’s windows.

Inner and Outer Party:

In Oceania they have to party: the inner Party, which is a small closed group of people which live in luxury and have more rights as other people. The outer party is made of simple employees. they are strictly monitored. the most of those people works in one of the three ministries.


The Party use children as spies to control his parents and other citizens. The youth league educate children in supervision of Big Brother. Parents just see her children for a short time at the whole day.

New speak:

Also „New Speak“ is used for controlling and observing the society. The language replace complex words and delete „danger words“ (for the absolutistic system). An example: We have three Words: bad, good and awesome. In newspeak these words are: ungood, good and double good. They just brainwashing the citizens.

All these systems just serve the system of Big Brother. I think „surveillance is dangerous“ is definitely the top-theme of George Orwell’s 1984. The book is written in 1948 and the 2. World War was just over. George Orwell went a step further and ask himself which would be worse. Therefore he has shown us this story. In my opinion it is a signal to the future.


Comment on the interview of Kellyanne Conway

Yesterday I heared Kellyanne Conway’s interview. She sayed plus-sincerewise than usual that Spicer’s statement about Trump’s swearing-in ceremony is not a lie but an alternative fact.

After reading these lines you are probably asking yourself what is going on or went wrong with me. Well, you probably think that I am stupid but perhaps these lines predict the English language of the future.

Two month ago Kellyanne Conway, Counselor to the President, began to create new words to transform a serious lie, which was a provable falsehood at the same time, into a harmless “Alternative Fact”. Did she only want to save the president’s image? Or is it the beginning of something bigger? This concept of creating new words displays striking parallels to the “Newspeak” concept from the novel “1984”. The government, or members of it, eliminates words with bad connotations by creating new summarizing and simplifying words. This effected that there are less varied and lass adverse words in the future so that everyone’s opinion and possibility to think autonomous would be restricted. In my opinion there is a strong probability that the Trump-administration wants to choose a similar way.

English Exam Task 3: A Comment on “To what extent has Orwell’s fiction become reality?”

Totalitarian, absolutistic states never get old. Even after all the pain humanity has experienced and more than 500 wars, there is still war going on and there are still dictators ,owning all the power of one country. And of course you want to secure your power by observing the society and eliminating movements that could become dangerous. But Germany for example has also increased the observation of public places and just that is criticized for the reason i called before. I want to comment on if it is really an offense to privacy or if that´s just a valid side effect of the security you gain by that. Continue reading “English Exam Task 3: A Comment on “To what extent has Orwell’s fiction become reality?””

It´s a fact – A comment on Kellyanne Conway’s alternative facts

Kellyanne Conway’s public opinion on 22nd January 2017 about alternative facts being no falsehoods but facts, seems like a comedy sketch. But actually it is no joke. Conway is the current Counselor to the President for Donald Trump and it looks like she wants to support him – Politely expressed – even with speculations and how it could have happend. In other words one could say, she would lie in order to sustain Trumps statements.

But what for did Conway make up an alternative fact?

On Trumps first full day in office (21st January 2017), he visited the Central Intelligence Agency’s headquarters where he essentially accused the media of showing “an empty field” instead of the real crowd at his inaugural address, while he was convinced that “It looked like a million, a million and a half people,” and that his crowd “went all the way back to the Washington Monument.” Sean Spicer is the White House press secretary and communications director for President Donald Trump. On 21st January 2017 he made disproved claims about the amount of people at Trumps inaugural address: “We know that 420,000 people used the D.C. Metro public transit yesterday, which actually compares to 317,000 that used it for President Obama’s last inaugural.” In reality 783,000 trips were counted on Obama´s inaugural address in 2013 and 571,000 on Trump´s inaugural address in 2017.


Kellyanne Conway tried to simply make up a fact, that would proof her party says the truth, by calling yesterdays statements alternative facts.

Later on Conway argued that there is no method to quantify the amount of human beings and she criticized Todd´s allegedly intention to let the new government look laughable.
On January 29, 2017 she invented an incident called “Bowling Green massacre” to justify the ban for travel and emigration by seven Muslim-majority countries. It turned out she just “misspoke” and had only been referring to the arrest of two Iraqi nationals.

In my mind it is a waste of time to listen to people who are making up facts all the time because you will never know if whatever they say is made up or not, what might lead to the ignorence of the reality. Nevertheless it is important to know what the government does, that is why I do not think one should not listen to them. Not to listen to what they say would be equal to accept what they say.