This is your blog

What is blogging and why could it be useful for our English class?

As someone who has never written a blog before, it took me some time to put in words why I think creating our own blog could be benefical for this class. Here are some of my thoughts on blogging with students:

Blogging is about information, communication, and relationships. It provides a platform for self-expression, exchange, and discussion. And it can serve as a means for collaborative learning. By publishing your own work and ideas you reach out to the world and enter into a dialogue with others.

What kind of blogs would you read? Most likely the ones that discuss ideas you are interested in.

“It is through quality linking . . . that one first comes in contact with the essential acts of blogging: close reading and interpretation. Blogging, at base, is writing down what you think when you read others. If you keep at it, others will eventually write down what they think when they read you, and you’ll enter a new realm of blogging, a new realm of human connection.” – Ken Smith, an English teacher at Indiana University

It is all about having something important to say and developing a voice to communicate the message. So, why not create our own blog along those same lines?

Of course we won’t use this blog for writing about our private issues. All entries have to be concerned with and relevant for our topic “Literary Visions of the Future”. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that we have to work on what is important for your Abitur. On the other hand, putting yourself “out there” makes it necessary to make responsible decisions about what you actually want to share.

Does our topic provide enough interesting aspects we would like to discuss? I believe it does. Orwell’s 1984 alone covers many issues which are still relevant in our times. You have already touched some of them in our classroom-duscussion on WALL-E: Isolation and permanent observation, development of and dependence on technology, and the importance of individuality.

I would like to read your ideas and comments on this! What do you think about having our own blog? You’re welcome to write a comment.