How to write a character analysis

Checklist for a character analysis



  • Title, date of release, type of the text / genre, author, topic
  • Short introduction of the character (role, name, position)
  • Short summery of the text (story/excerpt/passage):
  • Example: The (excerpt from the) short story is about … / deals


  • Short description about what you going to do next
    • Example: The following character analysis is about Rakesh, the son of an Indian family in Anita Desai’s short story “A Devoted Son”…

Main Part:

  • Use Quotations
  • External characterization (what the character looks like, how he acts, …)
  • Internal characterization (what the character is feeling: thoughts, feelings, desires, plans, …)
  • Describe character traits and use adjectives
  • Development of the character (conflicts, intentions, goals)


Conclusion: Write in your own words !

  • Sum up your impression of the character
  • Comment on / evaluate his / her actions and reactions
  • If applicable, compare (with another character), put the character in a previously discussed context
  • Phrases: As we have seen …, I would like to finish by saying …, All in all, one

can say that … is …